Day 8. 6.15 pm [muslim&christian]

It’s interesting. 
Everyday I think 
‘I wonder if tomorrow I will get tired of this place 
and just want to give up and leave’... 
But no. instead, I find that I absolutely love it here... How??? I am sitting around all day cooking and frustrating myself with the lack of communication that i so battle with everyday. i am literally doing the same thing, different day. But yet I can’t imagine myself being anywhere else than here. The only logical answer is the hand and work of God. 
He somehow births a love and compassion for the things you would normally not give a second thought.. 
How can this be? How can I love being in a mosquito-infested place where I sleep on the hard floor and eat with my hands all day.. A place where I squat to pee in a hole and take bucket baths.. 
I doesn’t make any sense to the human mind, but to God it makes perfect sense. It’s passion. It’s compassion... Funny... I find myself the happiest when I lack familiarity
Thank you Lord for keeping me and strengthening me everyday.
you are an amazing, loving, faithful, compassionate Father. 

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