day 12. 8.56 am [muslim&christian]

This morning held a special moment. 
I slowly woke up around 6.30. Kadidia was already up, as well, and was soon beginning her morning prayer. I grab my devotional and iPod and delve into some good Jesus time. Moments later Kadidia walks back into where I am sitting. I assume she has finished her prayer, so I can now tell her good morning.. “Kadidia, I ni sogoma.’ “nse’ she responds, ‘ami, I ni sogoma.’ (I will miss her morning greetings) 
She proceeds outside, which I then assume she is headed to the bathroom.  
I  hardly realized she had returned until I see her literally right next to me. 
She lays on the mattress looking quite tired.. Well, I find out she did not get that much sleep because I guess the electricity went out that night and she was fanning me for a majority of the night- talk about point of humility.
A few minutes went by (I am still doing my devotions at this point), I look at her and decide to give her my music to listen to.. 
It was worship music and I just prayed that although it was in English that her heart would be warmed by the love of our true God. 
The song that was playing was talking about how God sent his son to die for us- 
freely you gave it all for us, 
surrendered your life upon the cross, 
savior and king, rescued the word, this is our God. 
I continue my devotions while frequently glancing over at my beautiful african sister. 
She then asks to hear me sing.. (earlier, I had shown them a recording that I just so happened to have on my iPod and she wanted to listen to it again). As soon as the song begins-- her face lights up and she begins moving her head to the music. I couldn’t help but slightly giggle...Africans are so funny with music. 
‘Abanna’ she says (meaning its finished). I then turned it on to a song that talked about his perfect love..
i watched her for a little while... 
the look on her face just made it seem that she was really wanting to know what it said and that she had so many questions... 
You know I am not too sure how much of an influence I have been at all- but I I know that God has been with me. I just pray that my life has shone brightly for them to get even a glimpse of the love of Jesus. This time with this family has been so special.. 
I love these people so so very much and pray that they one day and I hope that day be soon- that they too will know how deep the father’s love for us

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