wow. i haven't written in a long time. it has been quite the adventure preparing for this trip. BUT, thank the Lord that He has provided in ALL ways. i have had all of my money for a couple months now and am extremely grateful to all who have taken the time to be apart of the work in africa. so thank you. to those who have given financially:those who have given of thier time: those who have given their ears to listen: those who have said even a minute of prayer: those who have wept with me:those who have shared laughter. i owe it to you that i am able to take the next step in my life and begin work in the field. i wish i could take all of you with me. Nonetheless, your hearts will be present and your prayers felt.

i am so blessed. so i am now down to 45 days till i take off. my flight schedule: LAX to London: London to Portugal: Portugal to Bamako, Mali. what a trip! i am in the process of getting last minute things prepared, such as: malaria meds; school bills; packing list :) im so pumped. can't wait to meet the rest of the team! i know that they are all beautiful women of God who have faithfully answered the call.

so this is a quick note. promise i will update more frequently now that school has ended.
love you all and once again- my most appreciation to every one.